Kryshe is the Solo Project of musician Christian Grothe. With the use of DIY instruments such as synthesizers and sampler instruments he creates sonic landscapes. Sometimes soft and mellow. Sometimes harsh and distorted. Always creating a space for exploration.



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On Neuron I was experimenting mostly with circuit bending. Every track is recorded in one tack with very little overdubs and as little post production as possible. The only overdubs that where made on some tracks are MS-20 recordings by my friend Tobias Reber.


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Hauch was made mostly with the IPad app SamplR (great app!) and a tape recorder. It was the only things that I had available in that time so I decided to record tracks with this simple setup. Afterwards I added trumpet overdrubs to the recordings.


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This Album I made over a longer period of time. It was a time where I was traviling and always working on some tracks and at some point I realized that I have an album. It is a collection of recordings made in i.e. Reykjavik, Hanoi, Istanbul and Berlin.

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